One-Step Neutralization

LumiSTAR 提供的 One-Step Neutralization Detection Kit

  1. Easy and friendly use
  2. Wide detection range
  3. Chemiluminescence (RLU) or Absorbance (O.D.) signal readout are both available
  4. Drugs or antibodies to block Spike binding with ACE2 receptor, preventing virus entry


LumiSTAR’s One-Step Neutralization Detection Kit

LumiSTAR's One-Step Neutralization Detection Kit is a competitive assay that can be used for qualitative and/or semi-quantitative measurement of neutralizing antibodies in human plasma and serum. When using the neutralizing antibody standard provided in the kit, the assay has a wide detection range of 6.25-25,000 ng/ml. Both detection methods can be used, Chemiluminescence and Absorbance.





Principle of Neutralization


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