2D 分析軟體

The Analysis System for Image Sequences


The FalCon MovXact module allows you to precisely analyze image sequences with the methods of 2D image measurement technology. In addition to robust, automatic marker tracking, task-specific calibration and processing of measurement results is supported. Measurement graphs and individual measurement values are displayed to fit the image data precisely, are shown numerically, and are written to standardized file formats.

The program interface combines typical work steps in clearly designed dialogs so that the user can evaluate both series tests and special tests quickly, reproducibly and accurately.



Geometric measuring and tracking has never been that easy!


mx1.jpg mx3.png
Management of test data
  • Several views of a test or several films of a test series within one analysis session
  • Import/export of picture and measurement data (standardized file formats)
  • Settings and layout from registry
  • Individual defaults for markers and calibration
  • Compact data saving and text log
Interactive image management
  • Measurement of points, distances, angles and areas
  • Assessment of outlines (contours = f(t))
  • Measuring by planar stencils
Automatic measuring and marker tracking
  • Supported marker types:
    MXT MarkerXtrackT (5-point markers)
    DOT (1-point markers),
    QUAD (quadrant markers)
    CODE (coded markers of type "AICON")
    COR (any image pattern)
    PIX (coordinate measurements)
  • Parallel procedure with sophisticated combination of the methods
  • Easy set-up of markers (auto-centering)
  • Group model for dropout handling
  • Measuring of virtual points
Calibration of measurement data
  • Distortion correction according to camera and lens
  • 2D reference planes: coordinate system and scale
  • Depth correction
  • Frame rate and T0
Processing of measurement data
  • Extraction of additional variables, e.g. resultant, angle, and MXT angle
  • differential measurement with respect to time or space
  • ISO/SAE time domain filters and differentiation (a-v)
  • Export of the data into ISO, DIAdem® or ASCII file format
Representation of measurement data in a picture or diagram
  • Overlay graphics from picture measurement data
  • Analysis-picture and movie representation
  • Precise measurement zoom window with flexible configuration
  • Quick Look of locus diagrams (x-y) and time functions (a-v-d)
  • Easy export of images and diagrams to the clipboard


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