LUCIA Cytogenetics Karyotyping



Optimized hardware configurations

Variety of computer-controlled devices such as motorized microscopes, filter wheels, or scanning stages are available.

Carefully selected cameras

Cost-effective camera models as well as cooled, highly sensitive digital cameras are available and will be recommended to you based on your requirements.

Let the system optimize the scene

The continuous auto-exposure algorithm balances intensity of the scene while the automatic image quality assessment system leads you to get the maximum of details.

Acquire extra large scenes

The seamless image stitching algorithm enables you to merge several fields of view of the camera together.

No chromosome escapes!

The chromosomes which escaped too far from the metaphase can be easily moved to the metaphase image. The Capture Chromosome feature lets you easily acquire a missing chromosome even after karyotyping.

Create your own karyogram layout

Arrangement of the chromosome pairs within the karyogram area may be modified.

Arrange the karyogram

Drag and drop, rotation, mirroring, and straightening of single chromosomes can be performed within the karyotype image.

Annotate the karyogram

Arrows and text labels can be inserted and saved with the karyogram image.

Individual chromosome enhancement

Individual enhancement of a selected chromosome or a group of chromosomes.

Use predefined ideograms or create your own

Ideograms for different techniques and banding resolutions are provided (G400, G550, G850, R400 etc.) and custom ideograms can be created as well.

See where chromosomes originate from

Simultaneous display of the karyogram and the metaphase image couples the corresponding chromosomes.


Chromosome classification and other tasks are performed automatically.

Correct imperfections of the image

Automatic zooming and scrolling of the image, chromosome clipping, shape editing, and overlap resolving tools will help you to create karyograms fast and comfortably.

Browse the history of actions comfortably

Use the multiple-step back and forth ability. The number of steps remembered is not limited and is saved into the database together with the document.

Audit trial module

Enables to fully manage document history and patient data including examinations.

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