ORCA-Flash4.0 LT PLUS Digital sCMOS camera C11440-42U30

採用sCMOS傳感器的第二代CMOS攝像頭,專為科研使用而設計。 ORCA-Flash4.0 LT +旨在成為新的主力數碼相機,為每個成像項目帶來高端性能。 

Effective no. of pixels
2048 (H)×2048 (V)
Readout speed
30 frames/s
Readout noise
0.9 electrons
Dynamic range
33 000:1

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PC recommendations

With the introduction of the ORCA-Flash4.0, users are now able to stream 4 megapixel images to their computers 100 frames per second. The computer recommendations for this high data rate can be met by using the guidelines listed this PC Recommendations for ORCA-Flash4.0.


Type number C11440-42U30
Imaging device Scientific CMOS image sensor
Effective no. of pixels 2048 (H)×2048 (V)
Cell size 6.5 μm×6.5 μm
Effective area 13.312 mm×13.312 mm
Full well capacity 30 000 electrons
Readout speed 30 frames/s
Readout noise 1.5 electrons (rms)
0.9 electrons (median)
Cooling temperature +10 ℃ (Passive-air cooled, Ambient temperature: +25 °C)
Dark current 0.6 electrons/pixel/s (typ.) (Air cooled, Cooling temperature: +10 °C)
Dynamic range 33 000:1 (typ.)
Sub-array Yes
Binning 2×2, 4×4
External trigger input Edge, Level, Synchronous readout, Start trigger
Global reset (Edge/Level)
W-View mode with different exposure time (Edge/Start)
Trigger output Global exposure output, Trigger ready output
Output Signal Ports (3)
Continuous High/Low output
Multi-channel sync
Interface USB 3.0
A/D converter 16 bit
Lens mount C-mount
* Read noise is reported as both median (med) and root mean square (rms). The rms calculation of read noise is typically higher but provides the more meaningful value for signal to noise calculations and predicting image quality.

Spectral response


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