MEMRECAM Q5 Series高速相機(高速攝影機)

nac MEMRECAM Q5 High Speed Multi-Head Digital Camera System

  • ​高速
  • 高解析度
  • 1主機對多台子機
  • Hi-G

nac MEMRECAM Q5 High Speed Multi-Head Digital Camera System

The nac MEMRECAM Q5 Digital High-Speed Video System now provides even more flexibility making it the ultimate imaging system for onboard automotive testing!

The Q5 is an expandable, multi-head, high-speed digital camera system, and represents a significant advancement in MEMRECAM multi-head system technology. The Q5 is significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the MEMRECAM GX-5, as well as any other multi-camera system available anywhere in the world. By connecting multiple camera heads to a single Digital Recording Processor (DRP), the user can simultaneously shoot the same subject from a number of different angles. The MEMRECAM Q5 system supports a number of different ultra-small camera heads, which can be selected, mixed and matched depending on the user's light sensitivity and resolution requirements. The Q5 provides a TOTAL solution for all car crash safety tests, as well as a number of other applications.

Product Enhancements and Key Benefits:

  • GX5 vs Q5 DRP comparison
    Small size and weight (195W x 40H x 125D, 1.8kg) – The Q5 DRP is less than 20% of the physical size, and less than 25% of the weight, as compared to its predecessor systems.
  • Multiple Ultra Small Camera Head Choices – The MEMRECAM Q5 supports the existing lineup of nac ultra small camera heads. The Q5 camera heads are matched to user requirements, being optimized for high light sensitivity, small size, or balanced to support both needs.
  • Compatible with Existing MEMRECAM Systems – The MEMRECAM Q5 supports the nac micro camera heads installed with the Q5's predecessor system, the MEMRECAM GX5. Multiple Q5 DRP's can be connected and synchronized using the nac Q-Hub Hi-G interconnection system. The Q5 is also fully compatible with nac's Q1, GX, HX and RX camera systems.
  • Enhanced Hi-G performance – The Q5 DRP is rated for shock for 200G, 7ms, and 150G, 11ms.
  • Faster Image Processing – The MEMRECAM Q5 system uses an extremely fast processing system, saving the user time and making for a more efficient workflow. Live images can be viewed over the system's Ethernet connection at up to 30+ frames/second. The DRP's 8GB memory can be downloaded to a control PC in about 2 minutes.
  • Expanded Image Protection – As with all nac systems, the MEMRECAM Q5 employs a memory backup system which protects images in the event of unanticipated loss of power. Like the MEMRECAM Q1 series, the Q5 provides extra insurance for image capture and image protection. nac's Hi-G trigger allows the camera to record images even if the external trigger signal is lost during a test. In addition, nac's proprietary RESQ interconnect technology provides a secondary path for recovering images in an emergency situation.

System Features:

  • Ultra-small, Hi-G Rated Camera Heads – nac provides four (4) models for use with the MEMRECAM Q5 DRP, available in both straight and a variety of angled configurations:
    • P2-cam (25 x 25 x 85mm) – The extremely small pencil camera captures VGA images at 1000fps in confined, poorly lit spaces;
    • S2-cam (25 x 25 x 25mm) – Based upon the P-cam, the sensor is located outside of the camera body providing an even tinier camera head for imaging inside of the most confined and remote space, capturing VGA images at 1000fps;
    • C-cam (35 x 35 x 58mm) – Ultra high light sensitivity camera head for those small, light-starved spaces, rating of ISO 8,000 for color and ISO 50,000 for mono, captures VGA images at up to 1000 fps;
    • µ-cam (16 x 16 x 27mm) – Ultra small camera head with enhanced light sensitivity performance for incredibly tight, light-starved spots, captures VGA images at up to 500fps;
  • Digital Recording Processor (DRP) – The MEMRECAM Q5 DRP is an extremely small and light Hi-G rated system, allowing the user to minimize the mass of test equipment installed on a test rig. The DRP connects up to four camera heads. In addition, The Q5 DRP offers users many of the same benefits of the Q1 series, namely, a Hi-G trigger, memory backup, multi-camera control and synchronization, IRIG time stamp, and has
  • Hi-G – Ruggedized for onboard Hi-G applications: shock 200G half-sine, 7ms; and shock 150G half-sine, 11ms.
  • Ultra high light sensitivity – The variety of Q5 camera heads available allows the user to choose a model that meets specific size and light sensitivity requirements. Since the cameras can be mixed and matched with a single DRP, the user can choose the right tool for each application.

Applications serviced by nac Image Technology Q5 Camera Systems: Vehicle Impact Testing • Onboard Airbag Deployment Testing • Safety Restraints Testing • Automotive Component Testing • Automotive Research and Design • Ballistics • Manufacturing • Research, Design & Test

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