OptoSource illuminator

Cairn xenon and mercury/xenon mixed-gas arc light sources offer ultra-high stability, high intensity illumination. The extreme point intensity and broad spectrum make them particularly suitable for fluorescence microscopy, but the modular design and wide range of couplings ensures that they can be equally effective for other purposes.

The Optosource is configured to produce intense focussed light for coupling either to the input slit of our monochromator, or directly into a light guide.



• Fluorescence microscopy
• Calcium imaging
• Voltage Sensitive Dye measurements
• Photoactivation
• Solar emulation


• Ultra-high stability power supply and lamphouse design with external thermistor-controlled fan for critical applications
• Drives 75, 100 and 150 Watt Xe lamps
• Ellipsoidal reflectors for high light-gathering efficiency without spherical or chromatic aberration
• Balanced proprietary low-impedance igniter circuit incorporated inside the lamphouse for low interference emissions at switch-on
• Optosource lamp housings use a dielectric-coated ellipsoid optimised for peak reflectance between 300nm and 500nm (other coatings are available to order)
• Couplings to all popular fluorescence microscopes

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