nac MEMRECAM MX High Speed Camera Systems

  • 高速高解析度Full HD@2000fps
  • 高靈敏度ISO 8000(Color), 32000(Mono)
  • Hi-G, 200G / 7 ms, 150G / 11 ms
  • Memory Backup
  • 一對多分離式高速相機
  • Wifi控制


  • 5 Different Camera Head Options Freely Configurable for Different Applications
  • Full HD @ 2,000FPS (M-Cam/M-CamMFT)
  • Ultra-Small, Lightweight Camera Head Options
        -25x25x45mm, 60g (M3-Cam)
        -15x16x16mm, 15g (μ-Cam)
  • Phenomenal Light Sensitivity
  • Lens Mount Options: C-Mount and MFT-Mount (M-Cam/M-CamMFT)
  • "On Board", Hi-G Camera Head Options
  • "Off Board", Ruggedized Camera Head with Remote Control
  • Ultra-Small, Lightweight Camera Heads
  • Reliable Thin Cable 7mm (OD) up to 40m Long
  • Built-in Memory Backup
  • Electronic Shutter
  • Hi-G Compact Control Unit (4 or 8 Camera Ports)
  • Multiple Camera Operation with Precise Synchronization
  • Camera Control, Viewing and Setup via PC or Tablet (Wired/Wireless LAN)
  • MEMRECAM MX System is Backward Compatible with all MEMRECAM Platforms
  • Cameras can be Triggered by Shock Using Built-in G-Sensor

Correspondence with New Regulations
Number of onboard high-speed cameras is specified with the latest regulations, such as Euro NCAP and IIHS. The MX-5 8ch Control Unit meets the requirements. There are five camera head options selectable and freely configurable depending on applications.

Front panel of MX-5 8ch Control Unit

Extensive Lineup of Ultra Small Camera Heads
In order to meet the customer demand in automotive industry, we have downsized a body of the small camera head (M2-Cam) further. Now the M3-Cam is available. Size of the M3-Cam is just 25 x 25 x 45mm and its weight is 60g, while the camera provides 1280 x 1024-pixel images up to 1,000fs. There are 5 NF-mount lenses available with different focal lengths from Super wide 4mm to 16mm. It is also possible to perform the optical distortion correction. The M3-Cam consists of mini camera head and separate custom adapter, which equips 4GB memory for recording plus 64GB SSD for storage and memory backup battery to secure data under severe test environments up to 200G.

Photo demonstrating M2-Cam and M3-Cam size difference
Left: M2-Cam, Right: M3-Cam

The smallest, μ-Cam now available
The μ-Cam is the smallest high-speed camera head available in the world. It has been popular as a camera head option of nac Q5 and GX-5 systems. Now the μ-Cam has joined the MX series camera head lineup with a new feature of Autostorage (64GB) to secure the recorded data.

Photo showing tiny μ-Cam resting on fingertip

The M-CamMFT, Allrounder for Off Board Applications
The M-CamMFT is designed for Off Board use. This camera head is compatible with Micro Four Thirds optics. This enables electric control for focus, aperture, and zoom with Micro Four Thirds lenses from remote locations such as the ceiling of crash test sites, underground pits, remote shooting of military applications, etc.

Photo of M-CamMFT high speed cameras

Micro Four Thirds icon

Photo of all MX system camera types/sizes
Left to Right: μ-Cam, M3-Cam (Angle), M3-Cam (Straight), M2-Cam, M-Cam, M-CamMFT

Reliable Thin Cable
The Camera Cables are thin and reliable. Its outer diameter is 7mm and can be extended up to 40m long. 360°rotatable connector also provides users with more freedom of installing the camera heads and cables in the limited space.

Viewfinder Remote Control
You can connect the tablet terminal with wired/wireless LAN, adjust the angle of view and set the shooting conditions. After shooting, distance and angle analysis are possible without downloading the data to the control PC to check the test results quickly.

Focus assist

Auto brightness

Focus Assist

Auto Brightness

Framing Assist
Framing Assist with Overlay

Auto Focus
Auto Focus

Ideal Multi-Camera System for Automotive Safety Applications
The MEMRECAM MX is a robust, flexible, reliable, turnkey solution for multi-camera onboard and offboard automotive testing and occupant safety applications. The smallest camera head, μ-Cam is added to the lineup of camera heads and this enables visualizing what happens under a hood, inside doors, around pedals, underneath of vehicle, and others when the crash event occurs.

Side Image Test shot by off Board Camera

Airbag Deployment show by On Board Camera

Side Impact Test shot by Off Board Camera

Airbag Deployment shot by On Board Camera

Chart showing the various frame rates of MX system components

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