ORCA-Fusion Digital sCMOS camera, 高感度相機(高靈敏度相機) , 科研相機


Effective no. of pixels
Readout speed
100 frames/s
Readout noise
0.7 electrons
Dynamic range
21 400 : 1

ORCA-Fusion,具有第三代sCMOS晶片Hamamatsu sCMOS感測器。





Hamamatsu 說 “When you want to hear a whisper it’s best to be in a quiet place.”

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  • High resolution : 2304 x 2304 (5.3 Megapixels)
  • High speed : 100 frames/s (at 2304 X 2048 ROI)
  • Dynamic range : 21,400:1
  • Pixel size : 6.5 μm X 6.5 μm
  • Read noise : 0.7 electrons, rms (Ultra-quiet Scan)
  • Prnu : 0.06 % rms (@ 7500 electrons)
  • DSNU : 0.3 electrons rms
  • Peak QE : 80 %
  • Patented Tools for Advanced Imaging: Lightsheet Readout Mode

Lightsheet Readout Mode [Patented]

“Lightsheet Readout Mode” is a unique and patented feature of Hamamatsu sCMOS cameras which can improve signal to noise ratios in Lightsheet microscopy.
For more information about the principle and features of Lightsheet Readout Mode, please see details from below.

What is Lightsheet Readout Mode?


Lightsheet Readout Mode

PC recommendations

With the introduction of the ORCA-Fusion, users are now able to stream 5 megapixel images to their computers 89 frames per second. The computer recommendations for this high data rate can be met by using the guidelines listed this PC Recommendations for ORCA-Fusion.



Spectral response


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