Light Technology in Biology and Pre-clinical Research 


LumiSTAR Biotechnology is an expert in designs of a range of protein-based indicators for cellular dynamics measurements.  Expertise includes photochemistry, induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology, optogenetic tools and regenerative medicine. All of these technologies are packaged into an all-optical platform for phenotypic screening, drug discovery, and toxicity testing; the long-term goal is for precise/personal medicine. This high content platform enables customers to do their drug screening tasks in a more efficient and economical way. 



Drug Screening / Functional Assay Cellular/Sub-cellular   location Excitation (nm) Emission (nm) Kinetic Range (Kd) Catalogue   Number


  480, 590          (ratiometric)


  600               (ratiometric)

  560 mM  A001  
 Mt-LAR-GECO  Mitochondria   561   594   60 mM  A002
 K-GECO  Cytosol   568   594   165 nM  A003
 NIR-GECO  Cytosol   678   704   215 nM  A004
 K-GECO + ChR2  Cytosol for K-GECO   568   594  165 nM  A005
 NIR-GECO+ ChR2  Cytosol for NIR-GECO   678   704  215 nM  A006
 G-GECO  Cytosol   498   512  620 nM  A007
 mNG-GECO  Cytosol   488   510  807 nM  A008
 ROS-roGFP  Cytosol   405, 488   510    B001
 MtROS-roGFP  Mitochondria   405, 488   510    B002
 perROS-roGFP  Peroxisome   405, 488   510    B003


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