UVi Camera

  • UV to NIR spectral response
  • Fast Gating to 5ns
  • High Gain/Sensitivity
  • Frames rates to > 1,000,000 fps with HSV
  • Up to 20,000,000 fps in burst mode 100 frame
  • Integral control panel and external USB control
  • Exceptional resolution to > 75 lp/mm on SUVi
  • Choice of optimized photocathodes & phosphors including S1, S20, S25 and GaAs.

UVi and Super UVi High Speed Video Camera Intensifiers

The large range of UVi and Super UVi camera intensifers are designed to add low light, extended spectral range (from UV to NIR) and fast gating in a compact and all inclusive lens coupled package. Typical applications are in combustion, electric discharge, biomedical and ultra high speed stroboscopic techniques in conjunction with high speed or conventional video cameras.

Available in 18 & 25mm formats in equivalent 2 stage (models 1850 & 2550) & 3 stage (1850B & 2550B) and now including the patented Super UVi with it's exceptional Qe to 40% in the UV, 75 lp/mm resolution over 25mm, linear amplification and extreme output power & fast gating to MHz frame rates.


Website: http://www.invisiblevision.com/products/camera-intensifiers/

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