The pE-400 Series delivers the most advanced yet cost-effective illumination for routine to advanced fluorescence microscopy applications. Four powerful LEDs offer broad spectral coverage from 365-635 nm for use with fluorophores ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5.

While the bright white pE-400 offers the ideal lamp replacement, the four-channel pE-400max enhances performance in applications where speed and control is crucial, such as live cell imaging and optogenetics.


Building on the success of the popular pE-300 Series, the pE-400 is a simple bright white light Illumination System and a controllable, cost-effective replacement for mercury and metal halide lamps. Four powerful LEDs offer intense, broad-spectrum coverage for the most popular fluorophores, ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5.

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The white light pE-400 Illumination System enables optimised illumination at the touch of a button. It brings a new level of efficiency to applications such as fluorescence screening or sample visualisation on confocal setups, making the inconvenience of lamps a thing of the past.


Protecting your samples

Tight hardware synchronisation not only increases temporal resolution, but also means samples are exposed only during acquisition, protecting against photobleaching and phototoxicity and pushing the boundaries of time-lapse studies.

Live samples can be further protected by balancing the irradiance to the lowest level possible while still maintaining image quality, with control in 1% steps up to 100%. And the more life-like a cell behaves, the more valuable a data set becomes.

TTL triggering graph pE 400

Capturing dynamic events is possible with the highest temporal resolution even without software, thanks to precise hardware synchronisation via global TTL input (>10µs) and compatibility with the pE-6501 (USB controlled TTL trigger box). This also enables seamless integration into compatible third-party imaging software such as Evident cellSens.

Intuitive global control

Global control of the white light on/off and irradiance is achieved through the manual control pod for quick and simple operation. For more complex experiments, global control is also possible with third-party imaging software (via USB Type B connection) and users can benefit from full integration into µManager.

Sustainable illumination

The compact pE-400 Illumination System builds on award-winning CoolLED technology, with stable and reliable performance and ultra-low power consumption. The sustainability benefits go beyond energy efficiency, and by removing the need for toxic mercury, the pE-400 is a natural choice for cleaner, greener labs.

Fit to your microscope

The compact pE-400 is compatible with the majority of microscope models, with two light delivery configurations available: direct fit and liquid light guide.

Direct fit variants achieve higher irradiance by directly connecting to the microscope via dedicated microscope adaptors, with a simple once-only adjustment optimising the optical path of the microscope. Not only do these variants avoid extra loss of irradiance as the liquid light guide degrades over time, but they are also more cost-effective. This is because they avoid the need to replace the liquid light guide when it comes to the end of its life.

If there is a requirement to keep the source of illumination remote from the microscope, liquid light guide variants are available. These require a fixed 3 mm diameter liquid light guide, and an optional pE-Universal Collimator can be specified in conjunction with a microscope adaptor if required.


  • 1. Global control of white light
  • 2. Broad spectrum white light from 365-635 nm, ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5.
  • 3. Seamless integration into compatible third party imaging software and cost-effective high-speed imaging with pE-6501 USB controlled TTL trigger box
  • 4. <10 µs global TTL triggering for camera synchronisation
  • 5. Simple control pod for intuitive manual operation
  • 6. Optimised irradiance control in 1% steps (0-100%)
  • 7. Direct fit variant available for higher irradiance with selected/all major microscope models
  • 8. Light delivery also available via liquid light guide.

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