MAICO MEMS Confocal unit

Making confocal imaging more accessible

MAICO® MEMS confocal unit is a confocal unit easily installed on your inverted microscope to achieve confocal fluorescence imaging.
The unit is compact enough to fit on a laboratory bench and does not require other devices such as cameras, filters, and lasers.
This model has a 405 nm laser source and standard detector.


  • Our modular subunit structure makes adding extra channels easy
  • High sensitivity detectors
  • High-speed scanning with MEMS mirror
  • Gold-standard confocal optics
  • No laser control area required
  • Compatible with DCAM-API
  • Enable simultaneous multiband confocal acquisition without bleed-through (patent pending)

     Subunit lineup

Up to 4 imaging channels can be supported if you add.


Type number Wavelength Detector
Purchased with the main unit Add or replace at a later date
A15889-405N A15891-405N 405 nm Standard type
A15889-488N A15891-488N 488 nm
A15889-561N A15891-561N 561 nm
A15889-638N A15891-638N 638 nm
A15889-488S A15891-488S 488 nm

High sensitivity type

(Crystalline photocathode/GaAsP)

A15889-561S A15891-561S 561 nm
A15889-638S A15891-638S 638 nm


It is not possible to install two or more subunits with the same laser wavelength. Also, replacement of the detector alone is not possible.

Different laser lines and their detectors can be added or removed based on the subunit selection.



Type number C15890-405N
Maximum effective field of view 8.0 mm × 6.0 mm
Maximum number of pixels 1280 (H)× 960 (V)
Image size 1280 (H)× 960 (V)
1280 (H)× 480 (V)
1280 (H)× 240 (V)
Frame rate (Typ.) 19 frames/s (960 scanning lines)
38 frames/s (480 scanning lines)
76 frames/s (240 scanning lines)
Zoom function 1×, 2×
Excitation laser*1 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 638 nm
Laser class Class 3R
Detection wavelength 425 nm to 465 nm (at 405 nm excitation)
510 nm to 540 nm (at 488 nm excitation)
580 nm to 619 nm (at 561 nm excitation)
660 nm to 730 nm (at 638 nm excitation)
Detector*2 PMT, high-sensitivity GaAsP PMT
Digital output 12 bit
Image acquisition mode Single channel measurement, multiple channel sequential measurement (frame by frame), multiple channel simultaneous measurement (up to 4 channels)
Pinhole*3 3 manual selections (large/medium/small) for each wavelength
Compatible objective lens*4 Magnification 20 to 100 times
Interface USB 3.0
Output trigger connector SMA
Lens mount C-mount
Power consumption 90 VA
Ambient operating temperature +18 ℃ to +28 ℃
Ambient operating humidity 30 % to 80 % (with no condensation)
Ambient storage temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Ambient storage humidity 85 % (with no condensation)


*1: C15890-405N is provided with a single wavelength of 405 nm. Supports up to 4 wavelengths by addition of subunits.
*2: Equipped with the same number of lasers.
*3: The pinhole size can be read out as accessory information at the time of measurement.
*4: We recommend use of an objective lens with an image-side NA (objective lens NA/magnification) smaller than 0.0375.






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