Zeiss Stemi 305 立體顯微鏡

Zeiss Stemi 305 5:1 Zoom立體顯微鏡

● 方便使用

● 倍率0.8x-4x

● 高壽命LED光源

● 反射光及穿透光


Zeiss Stemi 305 Stereo Microscope

All-In-One Microscope

  • Stemi 305 integrates everything you need – including varied illumination and documentation.​
  • This compact Greenough stereo microscope comes without additional boxes and cables - just plug it in and switch it on, that’s the installation done​.
  • Stemi 305 can be operated easily, even by untrained users. All you have to do is illuminate your object, focus and start snapping images.

Perfectly Illuminate Your Sample​

  • Easily select and mix the integrated LED illumination: near vertical and oblique reflected light, as well as transmitted light.​
  • The white LEDs generate bright light with the color of daylight, so each image appears crisp and clear.​
  • You profit from long lifetimes and low energy consumption. LEDs stay cool, and they are noiseless and maintenance-free.

Easily Document Your Results

Choose between two options for documentation:​

  • Decide for the conventional phototube and get access to all ZEISS Axiocam microscope cameras.​
  • Or choose the integrated camera and Wi-Fi router. With the imaging app Labscope you easily acquire and share your images.


Reflected light

Integrated near vertical illumination​ LED spot, zoomable and height adjustable, for oblique and grazing light illumination with strong shadow​ Double arm gooseneck, self-carrying, for variable oblique light illumination with distinct shadow effect​ LED segmentable ring light for shadow free ring illumination and oblique light segment illumination: half circle, quarter circle, two-spot.

Transmitted light

Flat transmitted light base for brightfield and darkfield illumination​ Tiltable mirror base for brightfield, darkfield and oblique light illumination.

Zeiss Microscope Stands

Choose between predefined microscope sets for education, laboratory and industrial production to get the optimal illumination equipment for your applications.


Zeiss Stand K EDU: Basic configuration for education

In education you often have to stow away your systems and set them up again. Storage space is limited. That is why you need the Stemi 305 education set. It has a small footprint, comes with a flat stand base and carrying handle. It's quick to (de)install and easy to shift.


Zeiss Stand K LAB: Perfect configuration for your laboratory

In your lab you need variable contrasting methods in transmitted light, but also reflected light. Use the mirror-based transmitted light unit to observe and manipulate even uncolored transparent specimens. Or, combine reflected and transmitted light. Add the ergonomic hand rest to keep your hands relaxed, even during long preparations.


Zeiss Stand K MAT: Configurated for industrial applications

This configuration is suited for electrostatic protected areas. It also includes two reflected light illuminations: the integrated vertical illuminator to look at holes, threads and cavities - and the segmentable ringlight. Be ready to inspect, assemble or repair electronic or optoelectronic components, small mechanical parts, sensors or measuring devices.




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